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Planning & Development

Springbank is in the midst of significant change.  Large-scale commercial developments are planned in the heart of the community while Rocky View County is planning for significant population growth in the form of "Open Space Residential" 

Doing Better. For Springbank's Future.

Our Priorities:

  • Advocate Rocky View County for robust community engagement for proposed developments, land use changes and statutory documents

  • Ensure that residents are aware of public engagement opportunities

  • Engage with residents, as appropriate, to collect feedback on important community planning items

  • Engage with developers early and often to ensure that they bring high quality developments to the community and to ensure developers do not bypass community engagement

  • Advocate Rocky View County to improve notification and circulation of planning items

Approved County Plans

Developments underway or approved to proceed

Springbank's development is governed by a set of planning documents approved by Rocky View County and the Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board (CMRB).  Certain proposed developments, or Conceptual Schemes, will also need to proceed through CMRB review, depending on whether or not they align with the MDP and the ASP.     

County Plan: Current

(until new Municipal Development Plan approved by CMRB)

Status: Updated 2022

Describes the overall growth plans for Rocky View County.

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Springbank Area Structure Plans: Current

(until new ASP approved by CMRB)

Status: Approved 1999
Location: Covers 4,350 acres. The plan boundaries extend as far as Range Road 32 to the east, Range Road 35 to the west, Township Road 251 A to the north, and Township Road 245 to the south.
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Status: Approved 2001
Location: Boundaries extend to the Bow River in the north, the Elbow River to the south, Calgary to the east and one mile west of Range Road 33. The TransCanada Highway bisects the plan area and Highway 8 touches its southeastern corner.

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Status: Approved 1998
Location: Addresses development a quarter section surrounded by the Central Springbank ASP, located adjacent to and north of Lower Springbank Road, and east of Range Road 31.
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Land Use Bylaws
Status: Approved September 8, 2020
Reference: C-8000-2020
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Description: The Land Use Bylaw (PDF) is the “book of rules” for development in Rocky View County, and covers a wide range of regulations, including:

  • Establishing the development permit process and the process for Redesignation (rezoning) and Land Use Bylaw text amendments;

  • Regulates the size and use of land and buildings;

  • Classifies land use districts (zones) and determines minimum development standards for each of these districts;

  • Determines the appropriate permitted and discretionary uses for each land use district.


Parks & Open Space Master Plan
Status: Approved May 31, 2011
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Description: The plan provides guidance for open spaces, including:

  • long-term development of the County’s parks and open spaces

  • establishing goals

  • recommendations and policies addressing Rocky View County’s five unique regions

  • strategies to ensure wildlife habitat are protected

  • strategies to ensure pathways/trails and public access are planned to minimize wildlife impacts.


Additionally, the plan recommends methods of managing the County’s parks and open space systems to ensure specific outcomes are addressed, such as social needs, pathway/trail design options and standards, demographic considerations, and future open space acquisitions.


Active Transportation Plan
Status: Approved October 31, 2018
Description: This plan is the County’s inaugural active transportation plan, developed with respect to technical requirements and feedback provided by stakeholders which supports a continued commitment to developing conditions, policies, and active transportation infrastructure that serves the needs of all current and future communities.
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Springbank Master Drainage Plan
Status: Approved 2016
Description: The purpose of a Master Drainage Plan (MDP) is to recommend requirements to manage stormwater runoff from future development growth and to identify works to address existing drainage issues within the study area. This includes identifying potential constraints to development and providing guidelines to developers and the municipality to decrease the likelihood of flooding and damage to infrastructure and streams due to the increase in runoff from development. 
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Proposed County Plans

Plans under review


Status: Updates underway

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Status: In public consultation phase

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Approved Conceptual Schemes

Central and North Springbank

Rivers Edge / The Acres
Status: Approved 2021
Reference: Bylaw C-8138-2021
Location: Springbank Road, South on RR34
Description: 49 homes  
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Status: Approved 2007, with ongoing approvals, In Development
Reference: C-8154-2021 (Stage 3),  C-8156-2021 (Stage 4),  C-8156-2021 (Stage 5)
Location: Between RR40 and RR35, North of Township Road 250
Description: 4000 homes, commercial, golf course
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Bingham Crossing
Reference: C-7185-2012
Status: Approved 2012, Pending Development
Location: SE Corner of RR33 and Township Road 250Description:Commercial and seniors facility
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RVC Link Phase 2


Pradera Springs 
Reference: C-7908-2019
Status:  Approved 2019, Pending Development
Location: SE Corner of RR33 and Township Road 245
Description: Semi-detached dwellings, 50 units
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Webber Academy, Springbank Creek
Reference: C-7298-2013
Status: Approved 2021, Pending Development
Location: West of RR32 at Lower Springbank Road
Description: Sports fields, field house, future high school, future residential
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Approved County Plans

Highway 8 Corridor

Elbow Valley West Area Structure Plan
Reference: C-5880-2004
Status:  Approved 2004
Location: South of Highway 8, west of RR31
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Elbow View Area Structure Plan
Reference: C8111-2020
Status:  Proposed.  Approved by RVC but withdrawn from CMRB Process
Location: West of RR32 along Highway 8 to RR34, between Elbow River and Tsuut’ina Nation
Description: At full build-out, which is anticipated to be a multi decade planning and development process, Elbow View will provide a range and mixture of housing types, as well as community-supportive services and commercial and employment opportunities to serve the larger regional area.
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