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Community Connections

The Springbank Community Association is pleased to launch our Neighbourhood NetWork, a cross-community network of engaged residents.  The NetWork will spread the news of important happenings in the community.  



  • Identify & communicate issues that are neighbourhood /division centric to the board of the Springbank Community Association (SCA).

  • Communicate out from the Association any issues that require specific neighbourhood feedback on a quick and timely manner.

  • Create an official voice for Division 1 and 2 by having large and inclusive geographical coverage.  No longer will resident voices be ignored by elected officials due to multiple groups attempting to claim that they speak for the community.

  • Grass roots engagement to stay current with the community issues, have a method to communicate to elected officials. 

  • Grow our e-newsletter reach so keep as many residents as possible informed of local news, events and updates.

Our Newsletter

Our monthly e-newsletter is a powerful tool to keep residents informed of important community happenings.

Read our back issues here 

Supported by Active Demand

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