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Parks & Pathways

The Springbank Community Association continues to advocate Rocky View County for more holistic parks and pathways planning.  Read Rocky View County's Active Transportation Plan here.  

We work closely with Springbank Trails and Pathways to strengthen our collective voice for a planning process prioritizes parks and pathways. 

Image by Gayatri Malhotra


  • Protect public access to the Bow and Elbow Rivers, with a long-term goal of contiguous public access along the north side of the Elbow River, from Springbank to Calgary

  • Advocate for developers to build and fund pathways and pathway connections in future Springbank developments 

  • Advocate for Rocky View County to enshrine parks and pathways planning into statutory documents 

  • Participate in the planning process for the newly acquired lands adjacent to the Springbank Park For All Seasons and advocate for robust community engagement

  • Advocate for the full acceptance of the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Land Use Recommendations by the Provincial Government

  • Advocate for Springbank connections to the larger trail networks, including the TransCanada Trail

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