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The Full Story

About Us

The Springbank Community Association is undergoing a renewal. The community is evolving and so are we! Our goal is to contribute to the fabric of the community and make life in Springbank even better.  

What We Do

The Springbank Community Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.   Each Board member is tasked with advancing a set of activities that help us fulfill our mission. 

Family Picnic


To provide community-driven programs, projects and events that contribute to a vibrant, well-planned and engaged community 


To enhance community identity, spirit and engagement in the greater Springbank area.

Group Planting a Tree

Our Objectives

  1. To represent and promote the interests of the greater Springbank community with external stakeholders, such as agencies, regulatory authorities, organizations, groups and municipal, provincial, and federal governments.

  2. To enhance community spirit, identity and engagement within the greater Springbank area. 

  3. To promote, preserve and protect community identity through community-driven programs, events, projects, and improvements, and by representing community interests in response to proposed activities or projects of other parties. 

  4. To promote community spirit through recreational, educational and social initiatives.

  5. To promote community engagement and response on issues and matters affecting the greater Springbank community.

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