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Girls Soccer Team Practising

Springbank Facilities

Springbank has a range of facilities for your events or gatherings.  From recreation to social events, there is something for everyone.


Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre

244034 Horizon View Road


Located West of Calgary, in the community of Springbank on 20 acres of parkland, the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre and Sculpture Park has a simple proposition: to give back to the community by establishing a contemporary arts facility dedicated to the artist and to the aesthetic experience of contemporary visual arts that will contribute to the enrichment of Calgary’s cultural identity and Springbank’s community pride.

RiverCross Ranch

Located in the heart of Springbank, this little majestic centre houses a charity called ROARR. ROARR strives to relieve the conditions associated with youth and elderly in need, by providing Equine Assisted Learning and related therapies.  RiverCross Ranch can be privately rented.

Springbank Equestrian Society
Call Coreen Calvert at 403-804-3277

25 Robinson Road, Calgary, Alberta T3Z 3K6

For family events, children's programming and, of course, horses, the Equestrian Centre is a versatile facility. 

Springbank Heritage Club

244168 Range Road 33, Calgary, AB T3Z 2E7


An organization for the benefit and enjoyment of citizens (50+) from Springbank and surrounding communities. The Heritage Club is available for public rentals for events.

Springbank Park For All Seasons (SPFAS)

32224A Springbank Road

The Springbank Park For All Seasons (SPFAS) offers a wide array of recreation facilities, meeting venues, special events and other opportunities for people to come together for sport, social gathering and other activities. SPFAS is a not-for-profit registered society that is led by a voluntary Board of Directors. SPFAS works closely with a number of different partners to provide many sports programs and social activities for youth and adults. SPFAS welcomes facility rental and service inquiries Call SPFAS at 403-242-2223 or send an email to

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